10 Years Younger!

Photo Retouching

Want to look younger in your digital photos? Want to look a lot healthier? More vibrant like your old (younger) self? It is easy with photo retouching from Fix Your Pix. Remove those wrinkles, darken that hair, retouch the bags under your eyes. Get a healthy glow to your skin, whiten teeth and remove a double chin. Fix Your Pix has many years professional photo retouching expertise and will only be too happy to make an average photograph into something you would be proud of.

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Often just the wrong angle, lighting or other external effect can make you look awful in a photograph. We can warm up images and make you look a million dollars in a couple of hours. If you like a particular photograph, but do not quite like the way you look in it, do not throw it out. Let Fix Your Pix take a look, let us give you a quote. Just let us know what it is you are not happy with and Fix Your Pix can give you a quick assessment and quote on what it will take to improve the image. It may be that you only require a few wrinkles removing round the eyes and edge of the mouth. It may be something a whole lot more than that. On the day it may have been overcast and your skin colour looks a little pale maybe. We can easily make you look healthy, fit and young again with a lot less effort than a diet and a holiday might take. So get in touch with us now and let us see what we can do. It may just be that you would like to look 10 years younger. With photo retouching we can take you back in time and naturally make you 10 years younger overnight. You will then have a photograph to be proud of. If you have any further queries or questions take a look at our FAQ page for more details.

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