Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is the art of returning old and damaged photographs back to their former glory. Fix-your-pix are asked by clients how we perform some of the amazing photo restoration work we do. Exactly how much does a damaged photograph have to suffer before we are no longer able to digitally restore an image. Fix-your-pix has never let anyone down yet when […]

Picture Restoration from Fix-Your-Pix

Fix-your-pix has been restoring photographs for over 10 years. Using Photoshop techniquesas their primary photographic restoration tool Fix-your-pix has carefully restored many treasured but badly damaged photographs. With picture repair clients up and down the country from all age groups all with different photo restoration requirements. Fix-your-pix endeavours to and succeeds in achieving the impossible with some of the highly damaged photographs it receives via […]

Photographic Repair Request from Fix-Your-Pix

Photographic Repair In our many years experience of photographic repair and repairing damaged photographs, Fix-your-pix has often come upon many a strange request. We have repaired photographs or altered images in a variety of different and unusual ways. We might simply remove a coffee cup stain or dust and scratches from a damaged photograph. Or we might restore a photo of a family scene adding […]

The Picture Restoration Process from Fix-Your-Pix

You may wonder how Fix-your-pix actually manage to restore your damaged photos, well, along with years of photographic restoration experience in knowing how to produce an optimum look from a damaged photograph or damaged image we use a well known piece of professional image restoration software called Photoshop. Using Photoshop along with years of picture restoration knowledge we restore your image in stages. First of […]

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