Photo Retouching Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching

Q. How long does it take before I see my photo retouching?
A. Repairing your photo can be done within 4 hours on a weekend and 24 hours during the week. If you have a specific delivery date then just tell us and we will deliver your repaired photo for then.

Q. Will my photo retouching last?
A. Yes, we print on Canon Archival Grade photographic paper with a fade resistance rated at 200 years. The Ink used are Canon branded and produce a perfect print

Q. Do you repair colour photographs?
A. Yes. We can correct colour and repair photos, black and white, sepia etc. and can convert any of these to any other type.

Q. Will my original photo be safe?
A. Yes. Your picture will be scanned using a professional quality (Canon) machine, and the result stored on servers which are backed up daily.
Once scanned your original photo is stored safely pending return.

Q. Can you only work with prints?
A. No. Photo retouching can work with any type of two dimensional original; print (any size), negative & slide (up to A4 size).

Q. Can you enlarge a small photograph, or part of a photo?
A. Yes. However, extreme enlargements can reveal faults and defects that don’t show on the original. We will contact you if the enlargement is likely to make the picture unacceptably fuzzy or unattractive.

Q. What size photos can you print?
A. Any size, we have huge wide format printing machines that can produce photographic prints for all requirements

Q. Can you make a fuzzy photo sharp?
A. A little sharpening is possible on some pictures. However we cannot correct pictures that are basically out of focus.

Q. Can you replace missing parts of a photograph?
A. Yes. If the missing part is an extension of the rest of the picture (such as grass, or a wall) we can probably do so from the original. Complex areas may be replaced by using another photograph where the missing detail can be seen. See examples of Photo restoration here

Q. Can you combine pictures or subjects on a photo retouch?
A. Yes. Send all the pictures you want combined together with clear instructions about what elements are to be combined on the new picture. We will contact you to confirm that we understand your requirements and quote you a price. See examples of Photo restoration here

Q. Can I send a scan I have made myself?
A. Yes.

Q. Is there a choice of paper finishes?
A. Yes. You can choose gloss or matt finishes; gloss is the default. Please specify when ordering.

Q. Can I have reprints?
A. Yes. Your restored photo is stored on our server so extra prints can be ordered at any time.

Q. How do you work out what to charge?
A. The prices are based on our experience of how long a photo retouch takes. If for example you want a photograph retouching, and then digitally hand-tinted, it will take much longer than just performing the photo retouch, and the cost will be higher.