The Picture Restoration Process from Fix-Your-Pix

You may wonder how Fix-your-pix actually manage to restore your damaged photos, well, along with years of photographic restoration experience in knowing how to produce an optimum look from a damaged photograph or damaged image we use a well known piece of professional image restoration software called Photoshop. Using Photoshop along with years of picture restoration knowledge we restore your image in stages. First of all we crop and re-size the damaged photo to the desired output. We then slowly clone pieces of your undamaged image into the damaged photograph areas, hence filling in the cracks!. Once the damaged image is digitally restored we will then focus on the image contrast and colour balance. Finally we will re-sharpen the image to help bring any detail out. Look out for our next Fix-your-pix Blogsubmission which will go into more detail of how Fix-your-pix performs some of the miracle photo restoration work it does.

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