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Photographic Repair

Photographic Repair

In our many years experience of photographic repair and repairing damaged photographsFix-your-pix has often come upon many a strange request. We have repaired photographs or altered images in a variety of different and unusual ways.

We might simply remove a coffee cup stain or dust and scratches from a damaged photograph. Or we might restore a photo of a family scene adding back in family members who were originally missing or have faded from the image. We can take parts of other family photographs and rebuild a scene where the family member is missing. We might on occasion have to have someone removed entirely from an image or added back in to an image, the reasons are many and we often do not ask unless the client is willing to tell us the story.

Our greatest reward from photographic repair comes from taking very badly damaged photographs often in black and white. We can then remove creases and folds, we can take out any stains and marks, we can digitally enhance and add in whole missing or torn areas. Finally we can add colour and sharpen the damaged photographs and return them to you as they once were or vastly improved.

Picture Restoration

If you have a photo or set of photos that you believe may be beyond repair do to throw them away and do not think they are not repairable. Please give us the chance to look at them and give you our professional opinion and quote. You may be surprised by what we can do with even the most damaged images and you will certainly be surprised by the price and the speed with which we can turn a shot round.

We generally aim to have your photo repair back to you within 24 hours or less.

In our photographic repair portfolio we have many examples of the weird and wonderful picture restoration requests we get asked to do.

Have a look for yourself and discover how we can restore your photographs.

One response to “Photographic Repair Request from Fix-Your-Pix”

  1. Trina Latham says:

    Hello! I have a 30-year old nursery school photo in a glass photo frame which is water-damaged and has stuck to the photo. Looking to have it repaired and restored if this is within your remit? I hope you can help and I look forward to hearing from you! Kind regards, Trina