Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is the art of returning old and damaged photographs back to their former glory. Fix-your-pix are asked by clients how we perform some of the amazing photo restoration work we do. Exactly how much does a damaged photograph have to suffer before we are no longer able to digitally restore an imageFix-your-pix has never let anyone down yet when it comes to repairing photographs. We have restored torn photos, watermarked images, stained and bleached photographs. We have lovingly digitally restored them all back to their former beauty.

Photograph Restoration

First we discuss with clients their photo restoration requirements. We then identify any problems we might foresee in the course of restoring a photo. When colour restoring photographs we will invite the client to view the work. As it progresses we will offer further advice based on what we know about damaged photography. This lets the client know how we might digitally restore it better. This gives the client some control over the photographic restoration process and makes them feel part of the photo restoration journey.

Fix-your-pix have been performing photo restoration services for over 10 years. With many hundreds of hours spent in returning our clients damaged photos back to their original vitality. At the same time making our clients extremely happy with the professional way we carefully handle and restore the photographic images.

In more recent times we have been working with improving, altering or enhancing modern digital photography taken on mobiles devices. So it does not have to be the old photos you have found in the loft. Or even photos in storage that have been left for years. You may want a more recent shot with lens flair or unwanted elements removing. Fix-your-pix is happy to deal with any type of digital image. We work on any type of damaged photograph. We restore it back to what it was or how you want it. Why not give fix-your-pix a call know and give us an idea of your requirements.

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